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Whose job is it to blur out logos on TV shows? Is it hard work? How do you blur the logo on a kid in motion riding a skateboard? Is it computerized? Tonight, while watching a crummy reality-style show* and I’ve seen this before… they blurred out logos on items like t-shirts, the logo on a taxicab and the logo …

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In Tom Kelley’s new book The Ten Faces of Innovation, the second ‘face’ he discusses in the book is called the “Experimenter.” These are folks who “strive for inspiration but never shy away from perspiration.” Walt Disney called this “sticktoitivity.” Kelley provides a few interesting examples of ‘experimenters’ who didn’t let perspiration or defeat diminish their sticktoitivity. We celebrate the …

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How To Better Spend Your Budget

Spending wisely and more creatively is a passion of mine. You may have read some of my thoughts about more meaningful ways to spend (re: when I was back at Brand Autopsy. Last month Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users put up a post that does a great job illustrating better ways to spend your budget.

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Each day Starbucks RedCup site is updated with a new holiday related message. On Fridays, the site debuts their featured pieces. Today’s featured piece (Nov 11) is a clever and well done short animation titled, “The Airport Pick-Up.” Bill picking up Aunt Doris at the Airport It’s a shame Starbucks doesn’t do TV advertising because this would be a perfect …

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Starbucks, Christmastime, and the Red Cup

For a second year, Starbucks is promoting their Christmastime hero – the red cup. (As we marketers would put it… “Starbucks is leveraging the red cup to maximize its exposure.”) The arrival of the red cup in November signals the beginning of the Holiday season at Starbucks, especially customer favorites: eggnog latte and the whole bean coffee: Christmas Blend. The …

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As a companion site to their Holiday promotion this month Starbucks launched website. Each day there is a different tidbit of information about holiday traditions and the season… The Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for Starbucks. For example, today they share “Fire Building 101” how to build a great fire in your fireplace… …

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