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Faux Goodness And EcoSploitation

“What a scam!” I thought, while drying off with the hotel towel. I reached over and read the card the hotel left in the basket among the soaps and mini-shampoo bottles. It explained how they care about our world and that by reusing my towel again and not changing the sheets everyday “together we can save the environment.” Yes, I …

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Tools To “Make Ideas Happen”

Return with renewed energy and to be more productive than ever. THE key to productivity is an organized approach* to getting things done. I have recently discovered one of the simplest systems: The Action Method developed by Behance. Their tagline says it all… Make Ideas Happen Behance breaks it down into three bite-sized chunks: Action Steps – the things to …

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Built-In Beats Bought-In

Sand for Your Inbox May 2011 You and your team – after a few meetings and many hours – have the plan all figured out. Excellent! Now, you just need to share it and get buy in from the other departments who will help carry it out. Fast forward a few days… While many are on board… you faced resistance, …

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What Makes A Creative Director A Great Leader?

In speaking with a friend about the Creative Director role at their agency, we exchanged ideas about what makes a Creative Director. I made some notes for her and thought you’d like to see them… The ideas go beyond that of just a Creative Director. Understanding not just what someone states they need, but to look further to what they …

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