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Tips To Be More Creative And Better At Problem Solving

I hope your week is off to a great start. I thought you might like to read two recent interviews featuring Idea Sandbox and our approach to creativity and problem solving. They were conducted just a few weeks ago. I hope you’ll be able to take a few tips from these articles to put them to use yourself. The first …

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Want Better Meetings? Try Taking Them OFFSITE

The three secrets to being more innovative and hosting better meetings are to… involve the right PEOPLE, choose and use the right PROCESS, and hold your meeting in the right PLACE. 99% of the time, hosting your meeting at your offices is not the right place. You need to host it offsite. Let me introduce you to… OFFSITE… OFFSITE is …

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Seth Godin Says: How To Run A Problem-Solving Meeting

Here’s a complete rip-off of today’s post from Seth Godin. Great to have Seth playing in my sandbox. This is a special sort of get together, similar to the meeting where you organize people to figure out the best way to take advantage of an opportunity. In both cases, amateurs usually run the meetings, and the group often fails to …

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The One Question You Need To Solve Business Challenges

Sand for Your Inbox July 2012 When business isn’t running as we’d like, it is easy to become fixated on end results. “If we could just drive sales….” “If we could just get more traffic…” While these results are important, what we really need is the how. The strategies, tactics, and action steps that will get us to the end …

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Marketing Offers Can’t Feel Selfish

When creating a marketing offer, you’ve got to make sure they are as meaningful to your customer as they are for your business. Today, my old* dentist sent the following automated email. As we near the end of 2011, I wanted to remind you about your unused dental benefits. Every year you receive an amount from your dental insurance company …

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