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Why (And How) to Develop Great Ideas

To help make an idea great, it has got to have a “why” attached to it (the justification) and a “how” to make it possible (the logistics). Sometimes, when brainstorming, people become attached to certain ideas. Or maybe there is an idea they’ve brought in with them to the meeting. Or you’ll come across that “great idea” put upon the …

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How Valuable are Loyalty Programs? What’s Needed to Make them Successful?

POINT: Paul Williams “It’s not about customers being loyal to you. It’s about you being loyal to customers. You earn loyalty by giving it.”

I love that quote from from “Managing the Customer Experience”

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How Can a Marketer Design and Implement a Great In-Store Marketing Program when Operations Demand a Clutter-Free Store?

POINT: Paul Williams The secret to clutter-free in-store programs is discipline. The discipline to say No. As a marketer at Starbucks we were responsible for building in-store programs. Our first step was to take a look at the inventory of products and programs and craft an engaging experience for customers.

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Stooges Preview

Don’t Manage Like a Stooge, Look Before You Leap

We are all in a hurry with our businesses. We all want results immediately. Because of this, we often act immediately without taking the time to think-up alternate ideas or think thru the implications of what are about to do. Something is better than nothing, right? This is thinking tactically, not strategically. We confuse activity with productivity. There’s a difference. …

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