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  • Twaw Bulletproof

    Make Your Plans Bulletproof

    This week at work, bulletproof your ideas. If you’ve got a new idea, a plan, a program; find people you trust who can poke holes in it for you. Not someone who is going to agree with you, nor someone who will simply be combative. …

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  • Twaw Arrive With A Solution

    Arrive With A Solution

    While you may feel like a smarty-pants worker to be the first to discover and inform your boss of a problem, don’t alert them without also being able to offer a potential solution. Anyone can point out problems. Finding something broken without a suggested fix …

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  • Ice Cream Museum

    Attention To Detail

    You’re looking at an interior detail from the pop-up (i.e. temporary) Museum of Ice Cream located in the Meatpacking District in New York City. Not only is their lighting made to look like upside-down ice cream cones… But, the walls are decorated with the texture …

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  • 10-Point Presidential Formula For Success

    I didn’t know a lot about President Lyndon Johnson, but I’ve enjoyed learning about him via Wikipedia. While reading the terrific book, The Magic Of Thinking Big, by Dr. Joseph Schwartz. In a section about “Thinking Right Toward People,” Dr. Schwartz featured the 10 Point …

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  • TWAW First Things First

    Do First Things First

    Where to start, huh? No matter what system you use to plan your activities – paper or digital – sometimes it can be difficult to determine what to do first. Especially since *all* of it is important, right? I’ve tried lots of approaches over the …

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