Are You Clicking Web Ads?

In spending a lot of time on-line reading blog posts, visiting websites, and doing research… I’m finding on-line advertising all over the place…

  • as banners,
  • in navigation bars,
  • in between blog posts,
  • in between reader comments, and even…
  • in the window where readers enter comments on a blog…

Long story short… they’re all over the place… Most of them Google Ads.

I find them distracting. I know that the host site gets paid just by you clicking on the ad – despite whether or not you even make a purchase.

I’ve never clicked on one… I haven’t found one that has added value for me… Someone must click on them… or else money wouldn’t be changing hands.

Have you ever clicked on these ads? And secondly… have you ever made a purchase because of one?

Do me a favor… Will you take my quick survey (hosted by Fast Company) and let me know… (please leave your answer as ‘comments’ below).

Ad Survey

Have you ever clicked a ‘Google Ads’ style ad on a website or blog?
(Not the typical banner ads, but the ‘sponsored links’ in a Google search or an ad found in between web posts, ads like that).
Please VOTE:

  • Yes or
  • No or…
  • Yes (and have purchased because of it).

Thanks for your thoughts… Please leave comments below…