Blending Entertainment with Product Benefit

Blendtec is a company that manufacturer drink blenders. Big deal… there are a bunch of companies out there making blenders… (In fact, if you’re like me you’ve owned several of them, and they’ve all been a piece of junk…)

But Blendtec has a story to tell about the quality of their products and they do it in an entertaining and educational way. The “Will It Blend?” portion of their website features video clips from the test lab where they blend everything from a bottle of beer (glass bottle, metal cap and all), a can of Coke (unopened soda with can), turn marbles into dust, and pulverize a rake handle (using the ‘soup’ blend speed).

Next time I need a blender, I’m going to think twice about buying one at a discount store.

Blendtec obviously has some of the most powerful blenders in the market – perhaps the world. They easily could have stopped at simply demonstrating the multiple speed settings and explain how to make a smoothie or make your own peanut butter from peanuts… (and they DO do that…) but they go further and demonstrate the power of their product by putting all sorts of ‘non-blendable’ and unthinkable items into their machines. They let the blender demonstrate its remarkability.

Check out the videos for yourself. You’ll be amazed.

Could your products stand up to this type of abuse? Do your products have a similar story to tell that could be just as engaging? Go make a movie.