Call for Business Best Practices


Have you ever been in a spot where you had a business question – but didn’t want to ask your boss and appear ignorant?

Ever needed a template for a specific document, but found out your company doesn’t have one?

Ever feel like someone else has probably figured “it” out if you only knew where to find “it?”

Why reinvent the wheel? I’m compiling business best practices, templates, techniques – anything that would help us to do our jobs a bit better…

This information will be hosted on the Idea Sandbox Wiki and will always available to everyone free of charge.

If you have a favorite resource, a trick, template, form, weblink, book, or any other recommendation regarding theses topics, please let me know in the comments section…

Here are the content categories I’m targeting…

Figure it out

  • Stay informed – monitor customer, business and industry trends
  • Problem identification – make sure you’re addressing the correct issue
  • Brainstorming – techniques for generating ideas
  • Decision making – techniques for making the best decisions

Getting It Done

  • Craft the plan – tips, techniques, templates for business and marketing related plans
  • Be the champion – how to pitch, sell and lead projects
  • Launch/flawless execution – tips and techniques for launching programs without a hitch


  • How to be creative – tips and techniques to be more creative
  • Examples of creativity – examples of creativity others may emulate

Communication Skills

  • Writing – be a better writer
  • Speaking – be a better speaker
  • Presenting – tips for better presentations
  • Facilitation – tips on leading groups

Leadership Skills

  • Management – tips on how to manage yourself, managing up, down and through influence
  • Being Persuasive – how to influence others, how to resolve conflict
  • Leadership Secrets – setting strategy, negotiating, leadership styles and more…
  • Providing Feedback – communicating under any circumstance
  • Time Management – techniques to make the best use of your time
  • Staying Organized – how to put everything in its place, and have a place for everything

Visit the Idea Sandbox Wiki to see the information I’ve already collected on these topics.

Am I missing any topics? Let me know that as well! (I’m happy to provide you with credit for the source information as well as include your URL link in the source information to drive traffic to your site).