Enough Pow, Already?

Today I received feedback from a regular reader of Idea Sandbox, letting me know he’s tired of reading me write about the POW! Right Between The Eyes! book.

He makes a valid point… my last four posts have been all about the book and the book tour.

He Writes

Hello Paul,

Just a bit of feedback from a reader. I’ve seen 4 posts about “Pow, Right between the Eyes” now. After the first post you caught my interest already. In my opinion 4 posts is too much. You’ve made it too obvious now that you are sponsored by the author. Therefore I will not buy the book.

Normally I would have unsubscribed from your RSS feed but since you’ve posted some great articles in the past (my compliments about those) I am bearing with you for now.


Regular Reader

My Response

Dear Regular Reader,

I’m sorry that I’m talking too much about the book, “Pow!” Thank you for that feedback. Thank you for caring enough to write… and for keeping your subscription.

I must let you know that I am not sponsored by the author.

Two reasons there have been so many posts:

  1. I enjoyed the book and found it a very interesting read. I want to share the bits and pieces I pulled from the pages.
  2. I am the person who has created the Post2Post Virtual Book tour and want to make sure people are aware of the tour. I coordinate the tour free of charge and do not receive payment for this project.

Finally, hang with me… I interviewed Andy (the author) and will be posting our discussion on Thursday. And… Friday, I will be posting a recap of the entire tour.


I hope I haven’t put-off any other readers. I don’t want my enthusiasm for the book and lack of variety of recent posts taint the Idea Sandbox Blog experience!

I promise something different and fresh tomorrow.

Thank you for the feedback!