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Expats without Pumpkins

I’m an “expat.” That’s short for expatriate… someone who is living outside the country of their legal residence. I’m an American living in the Netherlands.

I am a guest in this country and firmly believe that you should embrace the celebrations and customs of your host country. (Just like I’d expect of expats in the United States).

With that said, there are a few American traditions I miss… One of them is pumpkin carving. Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t found a pumpkin source yet… (I need a Gouda & Gourds shop…)

For those who are pumpkin-less and want to carve, I found a virtual pumpkin carving site.

carved it myself

This Halloween site is part of a larger and interesting marketing site called Theo Worlds… Here’s what they say about themselves…

We believe in the power of a message that is informative and fun at the same time. With all of the information that people are dealing with today, it is more important than ever to make your message stand out.

Our solutions are as serious as they are fun. That’s why most of our online products are Flash based games – a perfect viral marketing tool.

Let us put our creativity, ideas and skills to work for you. Tell us about your business and your goals and we will work to create a unique and original solution for you.

Interesting how a pumpkin post turned into a creative marketing topic…

I know… it’s barely a substitute as there are not seeds to toast, nor pumpkin guts to get all over your hand and arms… but still a bit of fun…

Happy Halloween!


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