Iconfactory… I’m glad their site is down…

Have you ever navigated a website to find it down because of repairs, upgrade or error? Typically disappointing, huh?

Well, tonight I went to visit one of my favorite websites the iconfactory. (www.iconfactory.com)

iconfactory logo

They are in the midst of reworking their website… but instead of being greeted with static, staid text… they have a QuickTime animation (in the style of their site) that progressively illustrates the process of their re-working.

It appears that their process is going to take 6 days as they have 6 different movies to watch. Today (as of Thursday July 27) they are on day 4.

iconfactory image
[A snapshot of their site]

Instead of being upset that I can’t access what I needed from their site… I can’t wait until tomorrow to see the next segment of the movie!

How can you do this for your customers? How can you turn a negative situation into a positive and exceed expectations – even though you may be delivering bad news?

Iconfactory posts thousands of icon collection designed by folks from all over the world – an amazing collection.

Here’s the link to Day 1… I recommend watching all of the movies… and re-visit the site once it’s complete.