Word of IMouth Advertising

This must be family week at Idea Sandbox. Two posts about mom… here and here… and now one involving my brother, Jeff. I was instant messaging with Jeff… and was explaining to him to give the show “My Name is Earl
another chance… I thought the writing had improved and the characters
have become more interesting since the first episodes. He was in the
middle of having a bowl of cereal for dinner. (How Seinfeld of him). He
sent me this message…

(image is missing)

Do you think I’ll try the new Grape Nuts with Raisins and Honey? (Actually called Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch). Yes.

Why? He’s my brother and I trust him.

Do you think he’ll try watching a few more episodes of “My Name Is Earl?” Yes.

Why? He trusts my judgement.

And so it goes. Perhaps neither of us will like the other’s
recommendation, but there will be one more household watching and one
more box purchased.

I’ll follow up with the results in a later post!