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Haggar YouTube Films: “Making Things Right”

The folks at Haggar the “Gentleman’s Supply Company” recently posted hip video commercials on YouTube.

It’s not often that I watch a commercial over and over… but the minute-and-a-half movies posted by the clothing company are fairly entertaining, incorporate practical product features into the ads, and are just irreverent enough to make the average viewer grin.

This is the episode called “Boyfriend” about getting rid of your daughter’s good-for-nothing boyfriends – with the help of Haggar pants with the “do it-to it” waste band…

The videos are set-up as a guy’s, do-it-yourself show called Making things Great with Peter and Red. A couple of mid-40s dudes, who talk wit tick Chicago accents give you practical life advice – while donning their Haggar-wear. They demonstrate how their Haggar clothing comes in handy in real-life situations… Like kicking-out your daughter’s deadbeat boyfriends, getting back at that guy who lets his dog poop in your yard and how to stop those punks from blaring their car stereo.

They feature ‘No B.S. Facts’ which illustrate the benefits of the Haggar clothes.

From the looks of the guys in the video and the models online, Haggar targets men in their late 40’s and a bit younger. (Interesting the YouTube user who posted these videos less than 24-hours ago named “melissa” is listed as 46 years old).

I give Haggar credit for conveying their product benefits in an entertaining manner. I get that they’re telling me they’ve got a high-quality product that’s not going to bust a seam or crack a button… But I wonder if the average YouTube viewer is that 46-year-old guy? Is Haggar reaching their target audience? While these show Haggar’s hipness, will this do the job for them?

What’s driving these video-commercials? Probably Haggar’s recent strategy. Take a read from their website…

By staying in touch with the trends, designing great looking clothing that delivers on consumer-driven benefits as well as developing easy to understand communications, we will continue to reinforce the familiarity and trust of the Haggar brand name. The Smart, Innovative, American style of Haggar makes it easy for consumers to choose Haggar clothing over other brands. The emotion of Smart, builds on an intelligent, stylish and dependable brand that offers quality clothing. The reason is Innovative, offering functional, comfortable products that fit with everyone’s lifestyle. The style is American, familiar, classic and authentic.

I like how they breakdown their strategy:

Smart, Innovative, American

  • smart = the emotion
  • innovative = the reason
  • American = the style

(Have to remember this format for my own clients).

Haggar is off to another powerful year and great success with new product innovations. Consumers across America love our clothing and we want to continue telling them about our recent innovations such as our Comfort Equipped line of clothing for both men and women.

We will support our Comfort Equipped line of clothing and other new product introductions with a high level of intensity to take advantage of the momentum and excitement already created. This year will be no exception as we increase our marketing efforts behind the Haggar brand.

Here is a link to all of the films uploaded by Haggar.

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