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Idea Sandbox “Burger King Tray Liner” Makes Chicago TV

The most popular post I’ve ever written for this blog was my July article about the Burger King Veg City tray liner.

[this is the tray liner provided with my Whopper] 

WGN-9 Morning News in Chicago just ran a piece on the wacky tray liners and used the graphics from Idea Sandbox for their story. (hmmm…. with no credit to the source, though).

Here’s the clip:

Update [9 hours later]: For some reason, this clip has been removed from YouTube. Interesting… Below is the clip from the website.

I love how the news crew closes off this zany story with the blanket statement…

“Europeans are edgier… they go for… you know… anything!”

Thanks to Vorsatz13 for originally posting this on YouTube and for onionia for bringing it to my attention.

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