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Idea Sandbox to Expand Internationally


Idea Sandbox to Expand Internationally

Idea Sandbox to Open Offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands
to Serve European Market

Contact: Paul Williams

SEATTLE, WA & Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS – 4 May 2006 – Idea Sandbox, LLC, ‘North America’s leading problem solving and creativity firm managed by a guy named Paul Williams’, announced today it is expanding its problem solving services to support mainland Europe.

“Is it fair to limit the services of Idea Sandbox to only those in North America? No. So now, companies and individuals ranging from Portugal to Poland and from Sicily to Sweden will have access to develop ‘wicked good ideas’ with the expert expertise of Idea Sandbox,” blurted Paul Williams, founder and credible source for Idea Sandbox, LLC. “Of course, the first thing I need to do is stop using the Boston-based term ‘wicked good’ to describe ideas. It translates to ‘bad good ideas’ in Dutch, ‘good bad ideas’ in French and Italian, and ‘common good ideas’ in German.”

Launched in September of 2005, Idea Sandbox helps companies and individuals develop better strategy, discover better solutions to problems, and best utilize their company’s strengths. Williams said, “Idea Sandbox has allowed me to formalize my passion and ability to help others develop remarkable ideas. I’ve worked with some inspiring clients in the states and am looking forward to the opportunity to add value in Europe.”

With over 15 years marketing expertise at organizations including the Walt Disney Company and the Aramark Corporation, Williams most recently concluded a 9-year stint as a Starbucks marketing executive. While often credited with creating Starbucks Frappuccino blended beverage drink, he firmly denies that claim.

World Map Showing Europe
World Map Showing Europe

Map of Europe
Europe Country Map

Netherlands Map
Map of the Netherlands

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