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ILoveM yMom

I mentioned my mom in the previous post.
Speaking of mom, she’s always looking out for me. A couple times a
month she’ll send an envelope with interesting print clips and articles
for me to check out. She’s my remote correspondent.

Here’s one she sent me a while back that I thought you’d appreciate.

Her sticky note states…

I wasn’t depressed
until I read this ad…
but then I got confused,
disoriented and felt…
well… thlessorguilty…
and tedorblue…


She’s right. Just trying to read this ad makes you feel like you have some of the symptoms they’re trying to describe.

By the way… She’s signed “YM” for years now… stands for “Your Mamma” an expression from an old Saturday Night Live sketch.

Apologies to CNS Healthcare, hopefully they got a credit and/or a re-run of this ad.

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