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Inbox Sand, Feb ’07 – “Your Elevator Pitch”

The recent “Elevator Pitch” post has prompted great discussion over the past several weeks.

An elevator pitch is that 30-second blurb you should have in your back pocket… at the ready for networking or expressing yourself clearly to your company’s senior leadership.

To continue the discussion, I’ve made this the topic of the February Sand for Your Inbox eNewsletter.

Read more for tips to create your own pitch.

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Others riding the Elevator include…

  • David from Where’s The Sausage asks what kind of movie would you create for your brand?
  • johnmoore at Brand Autopsy describes how the elevator pitch supports making a message sticky. Which leads us to…
  • Dan and Chip Heath hosting their “Made To Stick” blog agree that this type of story telling can engage your audience. (This site supports thier kick-ass book “Made to Stick“).
  • Mark at Project Clarity comments that StartupNation hosted an elevator pitch contest.
  • Laura runs a company called 15Second Pitch. On her site she offers a pitch wizard, tips, and a place to post your pitch.
  • Tom at Director Tom’s blog took the idea of the pitch to heart and immediately started crafting his own. Now he’s helping to change the world…
  • Dave at Innovative Leadership suggests working on your pitch before your next networking event.

Thanks to the others who have found this post inspiring and have linked to Idea Sandbox…

Finally, I also found out there are a lot of closet A-Team fans out there…

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