Infusion Deluge

Have you noticed the recent trend to name products with ‘fusion’ or ‘infusion’ in the title? In the 20th century we called these ‘blends’ or ‘mixes.’ I guess futuristic times call for futuristic terms…

Take a look a just a few fusions/infusions on the shelves in the US today…

Coke BlaK bottle
Coke BlaK
they call it a ‘carbonated infusion beverage’
I call it diet cola with coffee flavor

V8 V.Fusion Bottle
V8 V.Fusion
not just a serving of vegetables, but of fruits as well

OGO Water Bottle
OGO Water
bottled from a spring in the Netherlands,
naturally contains 35-times more oxygen than regular water
Pack of Trident Gum
Trident Fusion Flavors
they put two different flavors of gum in the same packaging
allowing the customer to mix their own flavors

(What they’ve actually done is increased the perceived serving size to two pieces
therefore attempting to double the speed of product consumption)

And then there are the non-edible products…

Gillette Fusion Razor
Gillette Fusion Razor
with, count ’em, five blades
personally I refuse to shave with anything less then eight blades…
Spalding Infusion Basketball
Spalding Infusion Basketball
has an air pump built into the ball

Fusion QuickCam
Logitech QuickCam Fusion
combines sound and image quality into one device

Air Infusion Cans
Glade Air Infusions
spray air fresheners… don’t spray the air, infuse it

The lesson of this post?

Avoid the word infusion or fusion with your new products and advertising. These words have become commonplace, have lost their meaning, and litererally are used to describe everything from chewing gum to razor blades.