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Italian Roulette

I’ve just returned from my first visit to Venice, Italy or Venezia as it’s called locally.

Ah… Venice… The beautiful city built on water…

[required establishing shot here]

While I the entire trip was terrific, I was especially impressed with this advertising tactic used at the Venice airport (Aeroporto Marco Polo) by the company Casino di Venezia. (The Casino of Venice)


[click image for larger version]

Casino di Venezia
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I found this clever, eye catching, and memorable. What a great greeting for those heading to the casino. While I’m not a gambler, this ‘interactive’ ad let me know, in a remarkable way, that Venice has a place to gamble.

Casino di Venezia was built in 1638 and is the oldest gaming house in the world. In fact, Venice was once the Las Vegas of Europe.

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