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Manhattan Portage – Great Bags, Great Service.

Manhattan Portage Bag

Around 10 years ago, my friend Dan Lewis gave me my first Manhattan Portage laptop bag. I was a new resident of New York City and a cool bag – especially one from Manhattan Portage – was necessary to fit in as a “local.” (If you’ve ever been to NYC you’ve seen this bag… they are a favorite of bike messengers).

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I love my Manhattan Portage bag and I’ve been using it nearly everyday for 10 years to carry my laptop, work papers, and everything else… that’s over 3,500 days worth of use…

What’s amazing is that the bag shows very little wear… no rips, tears or pulled seams. The only problem I’ve had is that one of the tabs on the plastic clip that fasten the bag shut recently broke. I calculated that I’ve probably used that clip to open and close the bag over 14,000 times… And it’s lasted this long…

Disappointed at the thought of retiring my bag, I visited the Manhattan Portage website hoping they sold replacement parts or something… No luck… So Tuesday of this week I sent them an e-mail asking about replacement clips…

I promptly received a reply from Simon Curtis asking me to describe the clips (as they have several different sizes/shapes) and he would let me know if they had any. He confirmed they indeed had them, put some in the mail, and I’d be receiving a package next week! No red tape. No forms to fill out. No charge. No shipping fee. No questions.

Well my replacement clips arrived early – in today’s mail (Friday) – and my bag is once again as good as new! I could use the bag for another 10 years!

Up until now, I had only experienced their product, not their service. Now I know that their service is as high-quality as their products. I’m a true Manhattan Portage evangelist.

You can learn more about the company here…

Thanks again, Dan… a great gift!

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