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“Mixed Tape” of Weblinks

So far I’ve avoided the practice of “Link Posts.” You know… that’s where a blogger just posts a few links to other sites and that’s the entry for the day. Quite frankly I’ve considered it a lazy practice… and a cheat to boost traffic to their website…

With that said, the metaphor of a ‘mixed tape’ has turned me on to this idea…

If you like me and my style you may find it interesting to listen to the music that inspires me personally…

Similarly… if you like me and my writing style… you may find it interesting to read the stuff that inspires me…

So… to justify putting these out there I won’t just lob a bunch of links at you… I’ll give three things…

  1. the link
  2. a good description
  3. why I find it important/relevant

So here goes…

Here are links to sites I subscribe to via Bloglines. I try to read these daily.

Idea Sandbox “Mixed Tape” of Weblinks

  1. Innovation Weblog – Chuck Frey does a great job keeping right on top of innovation news… especially when it comes to new knowledge, products, tools, books, and software. Always a great source of the latest information… Following the content on his site is a time saver.
  2. Gizmodo – This gadget guide is one of the most popular sites on the internet. Once a week I scan the images and the newest technology… I find it inspiring to see what “they’ve thought up next.” Helps me get my gears turning when I’m problem solving.
  3. Church of the Customer – Jackie and Ben always have something interesting they talk about. With their book “Creating Customer Evangelists” they’ve been the dominant voice behind what it takes to create a ‘volunteer sales force from loyal customers.’ They have a new book coming out in December called “Citizen Marketers: When People are the Message.” I’m certain it’ll be a great read!
  4. Trendwatching – One of the most important ways for your company to stay innovative is to monitor trends and your environment. Trendwatching does an awesome job of swiftly finding and reporting on global trends. Their sister site Springwise is a great resource with regular updates.

For this first time around… instead of a mixed tape of songs, I’ve basically turned you on to a few bands I like… In the future I’ll share relevant individual posts.

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