Open Source A Cappella

Boston based a cappella band “Ball In The House” posted a series of podcasts documenting the recording of their “Think About It” album.


They’ve got an amazing sound.

On the CD Preview Page of their website they feature eight podcasts following their recording journey. You can check out the finished album on iTunes.

They provide great “behind the scenes” sounds and stories for fans and anyone interested in the recording process. You learn how they build their voice loops… arrange their music… create drum sounds with their voices… fill-in with sounds… They offer, “bite sized chunks.” (Church of the Customer defines this as: specialized, smaller offerings to get customers to bite.)

In addition to the music, they’ve unintentionally offered a reality show… You learn about the saga of the missing sheet music… What’s taking place in their personal lives… You meet their parents. The recordings aren’t overly produced… They are unrehearsed and candid – a fun listen.

While podcasts are an effective way for bands to reach fans and potential fans… what a practical and effective tool podcasts could be for a company to employ to get closer to their customers and potential customers… I’d find it fascinating to listen to installments recorded/posted by toy designers at Hasbro – talking about this year’s hottest toys… Or behind the scenes stories from Starbucks about the RedCup website and in-store promotion.

The way I define open source and Open Source Marketing is the practice of making your business visible to your customers and the greater community… You invite folks to see and provide input when the cake is batter… half-baked… and finally done… This visibility allows input and critique during stages which previously would have been unseen by the end-user. The belief is that this exposure and input may help guide a final product in a direction that’s more in-tune with the end users.