Thwart The “Idea Killers” with BINGO

We're all familiar with the game BINGO. Fill out the game card, get five in a row to win. Yell, "BINGO!" Nearly as many of us are familiar with business jargon-based BINGO cards. These cards feature overused phrases and jargon we leverage and maximize like low-hanging fruit. Online, you can find BS Bingo, Ad Agency Jargon Bingo, Social Media Jargon ...Read More

Now Is When You’re Waiting For

Many of us have been waiting for the right moment. The right moment to… ask the boss for a raise; find a job that’s more satisfying; pitch your new product idea; propose; start writing your book; launch your own blog; suggest that better way of doing things. So we wait. We wait until the time is right. Until after the …

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How To Drive Sales – The Basics

Ah… “Drive Sales.” Is there a company that doesn’t have “sales driving” as a key strategy? It can’t be much simpler than a choice of three levers. (1)Find New Customers Create a New Market with a new product or service, or Go deeper with your existing targets (2)Increase Frequency – Get existing customers to use your business more often. (3)Increase …

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Begin At The End, For Better Strategy

One of the best starting points for a strategy session is at the end of it. Starting by clearly expressing what the end results should be, serves as a clear target for participants to aim for. I’m talking about more than the objective, but what the experience will be for customers and employees. The sketch below was in my planning …

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How To Be The Champion

As my high school history teacher Tom “Moto” Pile used to challenge we students: He used to goad… Do you have what it takes? Do you have MOX….ie?! Are you gonna suck it up, or are you too LA…zy!? You gotta have GUMP…shun! You gotta want it! In re-telling, he sounds mean. But, it was actually good, tough love. Moto …

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5 Clever Business Lessons From The Sport Of Orienteering

Ever heard of Orienteering? Orienteering is an outdoor sport where you have to figure out where to go based on figuring out where you are. Running a business in today is a lot like Orienteering. I figure there are Orienteering lessons we can apply to Marketeering. Here’s what I found… In Orienteering, competitors race through unfamiliar (and often rugged) terrain …

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Sponge Vs Filter1

Brainstorming: Sponge Versus Sieve

One of the reasons we find brainstorming intimidating is that some people are better than others in squeezing ideas out of their heads. These people – while amazing because they seem to have magical powers and some conduit to divine inspiration – make the rest of us feel stupid and doubt our creative ability. Why can’t I pop out ideas …

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Productive or Active?

This sticky note has been stuck to my computer monitor for a while. Now I have a smaller note that states “busy ≠ productive.” Often we’re merely active in what we’re doing. Activity feels busy. But it’s not necessarily productive. Are you keeping yourself busy to avoid a project? Or have you fallen into the trap of doing busy work …

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Participants versus Attendees

I don’t think I’ve shared this story with you. One of my great bosses at Starbucks marketing used the expression, “The price of admission is participation.” What she meant was, if you want the privilege of being in the meetings the price you paid was adding value with thoughts and suggestions. One way to make meetings more efficient is to …

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The Five Stages Of Idea Acceptance

The book What A Great Idea! 2.0 by Chic Thompson is chock full o’ bits of wisdom that help with creativity and creating new ideas. One bit Chic writes about, is how new ideas are often struck down with “killer phrases.” These phrases reflect the lack of acceptance of something new or different. We’re all aware of these killer phrases, …

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