Pop Stands Out In A Crowd

I just started reading a book by Sam Horn called “Pop! Stand Out In Any Crowd” it is about creating messages that are Purposeful, Original, and Pithy… but I’ll be talking about that at a later time….

I thought it was cool that I came across a “can” of pop that stands out from the crowd.

Take a look…

Clear Soda Can
I’ve got my business card behind the ‘can, ‘ and you can see it is clear. Made of clear plastic instead of metal.

What a great way to package a beverage wanting to be different.

It’s flavored sparkling water. This was green apple; there was also an orange. It was delicious, crisp, and refreshing.

Using a clear package gives the impression that there is less “stuff” in it and that it is purer. It looked more refreshing than the other choices…

Now that you’ve seen it… this type package makes sense… It’s a common plastic bottle, chopped off at the top with a can lid put onto it… But, it isn’t something you’d immediately think of… change the metal package to plastic.

I purchased this in Amsterdam. It is produced and packaged in the Netherlands… Let me know if you’ve seen this package in your market…

Is it still a can if it is not a can?