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Remarkable Blog Entry

As bloggers and readers of blogs we all read a lot of stuff.

Just like any publication, pictures and graphics help break up the copy/words and make the story interesting and give the eyes a chance to rest.

A few people who read my August edition of Sand for Your Inbox have mentioned it on their blogs. Excellent!

Steven Abram wrote about it on his blog Steven’s Lighthouse and then Phyllis at Something New Everyday wrote about it. Phyllis made the post remarkable by putting this concert ticket artwork on her post.


How attention-getting is that? Remarkable.

I went right to and saw their Concert Ticket Generator… I’m not sure when or how I’ll use a virtual concert ticket… but I will. (They’ve got 17 other versions as well!)

Neat stuff… Thanks to Steven for writing about my eNewsletter and to Phyllis for continuing the conversation in a neat way.


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