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Sand for Your Inbox – July ’06

This month’s installment of Sand for Your Inbox – the Idea Sandbox eNewsletter – offers suggestions to spark creative inspiration while on vacations and holidays…

To continue the conversation, this post offers ideas not mentioned in the eNewsletter. (Click to view the July eNewsletter).

Choose a Theme
Select a theme for your journey and use this focus to guide your trip. Suggested themes may include:

  • architecture (choose a style),
  • music (pick a genre)
  • famous landmarks
  • green theme – explore parks and gardens
  • shop types (pens, books, fashion)

Be A Sponge
When you in a particular spot, take a few minutes to pause and completely absorb the experience using each of your senses.

sight – Slowly scan your surroundings as if you we painting with your eyes… make sure you don’t miss any corners or fine details. Look at the details of the tops of buildings – often the most ornate details are up high.

touch – What are buildings made out of (glass, wood, brick, adobe)? How are the streets paved (asphalt, brick, cobblestone)? Some textures may be out of your reach. You may not be able to feel all of the textures, but notice the construction materials of the buildings. What do you see that you may have missed?

sound – Listen to the overall sounds… Focus on individual sounds… a train in the distance… the birds… conversations in the local language… What can be heard now that you are purposefully listening?

scents – What do you smell? Sniff for foods, flowers, clean smells… the smells of the grit of the city… or the fragrance of fields. What scents do you sense with focused sniffing?

Soak in and absorb all you can, one sense at a time.

Have any additional suggestions? Places you’ve visited that were inspirational? Click COMMENTS and add your thoughts…

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