Sand for Your Inbox – September

I’ve just sent out the September issue of the Sand for Your Inbox e-newsletter. This month I talk about ways to gain and maintain personal energy… Keeping Your Battery Charged…

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Some additional ideas not in the newsletter are below… What ideas do you have? (Ahem, I’m encouraging comments here).

Live Indoor Plants

They provide oxygen, moisture, color and life to your desk. Even if you’re stuck in the middle of a cubicle maze you can find low-light and low maintenance varieties. Check out:

Aroma Energy

You’ve heard of aromatherapy. Our sense of smell is very powerful, research shows that scents can reduce stress and invigorate. Scents to scope out include…

  • For concentration – basil
  • To reduce stress – nutmeg
  • Calm with – lavender or cedarwood; and
  • Perk up with – eucalyptus or pine.

With aromatherapy being so popular you can find everything from essential oils, lotions, shampoos and natural products with these scents.

Motivational Mozart

Music provides an excellent background soundtrack. For me it’s always been a helpful way to block out other distracting sounds. If you want to stay more focused, studies have shown that the tempo and structure of Mozart’s music helps us to stay more alert.

White, Green and Red Teas

White and Green Tea produce physical energy. They contain catechins, which activate brain chemicals to increase nerve action and energy levels. Red Tea has more caffeine than other types of tea, but less than coffee.

Energy BarsTry low-fat energy bars with 200 calories or less and with at least 3 grams of fiber. Eat it with water so you benefit from the fiber.

You may find more details on these energy boosters and more in the book “365 Energy Boosters” by Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblatt.