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Sand for Your Inbox…

Happy New Year!

I’ve just sent out my first ever Idea Sandbox e-mailing… The process wasn’t as smooth as I hoped…

I initially had a cusomized mailing with the first name of the recipient in the body of the e-mail… “Dear Paul… Dear Jeff… Dear Terry…” I’m trying to avoid using a service to manage my customer e-mails… Word allows you to perform an e-mail merge with the address records from Entourage (Mac email client)… Cool!

All seemed to be going well, but when I did a sample test, found that the e-mail address wasn’t matching up with the name in the e-mail. That wouldn’t work… In wanting to get the messages to folks today, the first day of 2006, I gave up and sent a message without customization. Bummer. Hopefully next month.

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