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Spring Foward Sooner

In the name of energy efficiency, the US Congress has lengthened daylight savings time for the United States by four weeks.

Advocates said the nation could save about 100,000 barrels of oil a day by extending daylight saving time, pushing more human activity into sunlight hours and reducing the use of light bulbs. So lawmakers agreed to start daylight saving time three weeks earlier – on the second Sunday in March (March 11) – and end it a week later, on the first Sunday in November (Oct 31). – MSNBC from the Washington Post.

Some are worried (a la Y2K) about the effect this will have on computerized clocks programmed to automatically adjust for daylight savings on the first Sunday in April.

No word that people are building bunkers yet…

In the name of “safety” candy manufacturers have finally successfully lobbied to have daylight savings time include Halloween…

Candy manufacturers lobbied for years to stretch daylight saving time to encompass Halloween. Not only will children have more daylight hours to consume treats, they contend, but they will be safer zipping across streets in their costumes.

How sweet.

The dark truth about daylight savings

Growing up I had always heard that daylight savings existed to allow our American farmers more daylight in the fields. What a wholesome, patriotic, and generous thing to do.

To the average citizen, daylight savings could be confusing… causing you to arrive for school/work an hour late or early if you forgot to change your clocks.

But the inconvenience felt justified because Old Mac Donald who had a farm had more daylight hours.

I learned recently that daylight savings started in the US during World War I to held reduce energy costs. But after the war was over clocks would go back to normal… But that didn’t happen…

According to Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time by Michael Downing…

It was New York City (not the nation’s farmers, as many incorrectly believe) that rallied for its reinstatement. Pressured by bankers and brokers who wanted to capitalize on the hour of arbitrage daylight saving allowed with the London markets, the New York City Board of Aldermen lobbied it into law in 1920…

Always seems to boil down to money, huh?

Nevertheless spring forward one hour on March 11th and fall back one hour on October 31.

Finally, they say daylight savings is also a good reminder trigger to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. A good idea.

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