Starbucks Ranks #2, Fortune’s Most Admired Companies of 2007

For 25 years Fortune Magazine has been ranking the top 20 American companies. This year, 2007, Starbucks ranked #2 for all industries, and #1 in the Food Service industry. General Electric tops them all off at #1. They are followed by Toyota (3), insurance company Berkshire Hathaway (4), and Southwest Airlines (5).

Among the eight attributes of reputation used for ranking, Starbucks scored the highest score (#1) in…

  • Innovation,
  • People Management,
  • Use of Corporate Assets,
  • Quality of Management, and
  • Quality of Products/Services

They are ranked #2 in the areas of…

  • Social Responsibility,
  • Financial Soundness, and
  • Long-Term Investment

States Fortune online

For years now Starbucks has paid fair-market prices to Third World coffee farmers and helped develop ecologically sound growing practices. Starbucks is also a regular on FORTUNE’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. It’s green, it’s humane, it’s politically correct, it sells a popular product and provides a comfy place to hang out and consume same – what’s not to like?