Sweet Technology


I’m in the Orlando airport en route to Amsterdam using my Mac with a free airport wireless connection. I’m reading installments on Engadget featuring live updates of the Macworld 2007 keynote address of Steve Jobs is presenting Apple’s new technology.

Above is Apple’s new iPhone… A very cool device. Revolutionary.

At 9:42 am PST, Steve said…

“Well today, we’re introducing THREE revolutionary new products. The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary new mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough internet communications device.”

Looking forward to the rest of the news!

Isn’t technology grand?

UPDATE / 5:28 pm EST

Click these links to read all about AppleTV and the new iPhone on Apple’s website.

What’s also interesting… is that the rumors of a Apple-designed phone have been swirling on the Internet for quite some time… Take a look at this unofficial Apple iPhone Concept blog… Apple fans have submitted their concepts of what a phone by Apple may look like… Even in the imaginations of digital artists they didn’t create devices as forward-thinking as what Apple has revealed.

[iPhone concept submitted by MacUser.co.uk]