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“Tribal Knowledge” becomes Common Knowledge

John Moore, a long-time friend and former marketing colleague from Starbucks Coffee Company has a new book coming out in September. He has also just launched the book’s companion website at (You may know John from his Brand Autopsy blog).

Tribal Knowledge Book Cover

John wrote Tribal Knowledge: Business Wisdom Brewed from the Grounds of Starbucks Corporate Culture as not just a book to read, but as a book to use.

Tribal Knowledge is the first book of its kind about Starbucks. How?

First, it’s written in the ‘first person’ by someone who was on the inside and lived the culture. Much of what is written about Starbucks (in book, case study, article form) has been outsider’s compilation of interview and observation.

Second, it captures the thought process and philosophy behind what drove decision-making at Starbucks. Because this information is passed along verbally as ‘tribal knowledge’ it may takes years to learn and understand these concepts. There was no guidebook you could refer to help you ‘get it’… But perhaps now there is!

Back to the idea of a ‘book to use.’ In the book, John has documented 47 key principles (or tribal truths) he learned at Starbucks. Instead of being a book you pick up and read once… John’s hope is that it becomes a reference to keep handy… A book that will help you make better, smarter business (and life) decisions. To further the utility of the content, the Tribal Knowledge website instigates discussion, commentary, disagreement and debate. Each of the 47 tribal truths in the book has a corresponding entry in the Discuss the Tribal Truths section of his website to share their thoughts or ask questions.

The book hits bookstore shelves on September 1. You may pre-order/buy it (from a choice of vendors) on the Tribal Knowledge website.

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