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Whose job is it to blur out logos on TV shows? Is it hard work? How do you blur the logo on a kid in motion riding a skateboard? Is it computerized?

Tonight, while watching a crummy reality-style show* and I’ve seen this before… they blurred out logos on items like t-shirts, the logo on a taxicab and the logo of a landing airplane…

I understand blurring out phone numbers – you don’t want some poor taxi service getting prank calls from around the country because their number appeared on TV. I also know they blur logos to avoid potential trademark violation.

An inexpensively produced reality show isn’t going to go through the time or expense to obtain endorsement by the logo’d company. Plus, what company wants to be associated with a show where two vastly ‘differently-functional’ families swap moms for a week? (Okay, maybe Slim Jim).

This leads me to a second thought. It’s interesting how certain package designs are so iconic, with or without a label, recognizing the product is still obvious. Great examples, to name a few, include: the Coke bottle, the Hellmann’s mayonnaise jar… the Heinz Ketchup bottle… and the Arm & Hammer baking soda box.

* – Embarrassed to admit it was my first AND last time watching FOX’s Trading Spouses.

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