Up Yours!

Idea Sandbox Ups It’s Image…Now Up Yours!*

That’s right. I’m in the process of getting a design makeover. The folks at Principle have designed a new logo, color scheme, web page design… the works… Snazzy! (And still under construction).

Hmmm… there is a reality show in there somewhere… Called Up Yours!… it features companies being given business make-overs… Leadership is sent away for the week and the Up Yours! Team comes in and replaces lameness with greatness…

Day and night – for five business days straight – the Up Yours! Team tears out the old antiquated policy, programs, red tape, and corporate bull… And replaces them with programs that are employee friendly, customer friendly and community friendly.

Crappy customer service policy? Changed!

– Now the customer is king!

Poor culture for innovation? Don’t allow employees to contribute?

– They launch “The Inner Voice” a program that zips employee ideas straight to the top for consideration.

Weak compensation package? Poor benefits for employees?

– They implement a cutting-edge point-based benefits program that permits employees to spend points on the benefits they want or need. Don’t need coverage? Use the points toward vacation days or get a cash payout!

It’s now Monday Morning… the Up Yours! Team still sleepy from the all-nighters are ready for the reveal. A bus pulls up… the door folds open… Leadership, dressed in fresh pressed suits, pour out of the bus and into a presentation room. The lights dim and the
presentation slides flip… one great program after another is revealed!

A senior vice president high-fives a vice president!

A customer sighs, “Finally!”

The HR gal nearly passes out.

The CEO gets teary as she can barely recognize the place… “Wow, what a great place to work. And boy, is the competition going to be nervous!”

Another episode of Up Yours! concludes successfully. The signature slow motion shot of executives and employees hugging and crying fades to black.

Aw geez, I better copyright this idea right here and right now… Anyone know Mark Burnett’s email?

So, anyway… I hope you like the new look…

*I think I first heard that line – “we’ve upped our image, now up yours” – on the ’70s TV situation comedy “WKRP in Cincinnati” I believe it was a tagline that the ad team put together for one of their advertisers. (If I’m getting these details wrong, someone let me know.