Utilize Trend Research To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

In business we find ourselves in one of three positions:

  • behind,
  • with, or
  • ahead of.

At a minimum, we hope to be with and strive to be ahead of. This applies to sales, competition, innovation, employee engagement, etc…

One way to help you stay ahead of is to monitor and apply emerging trends. Knowing and understanding trends allows your business to act with knowledge instead of simply react.

The team at Trend Hunter use tens of thousands of spotters to hunt and gather trends from around the world. They present this in the form of their Trend Reports.

Through Idea Sandbox you can download a free copy of Trend Hunter’s “Top 20 Trend Report.”

Trendhunter Report

Here’s the link to the Top 20 Trend Report download.

The report you can download is 35 pages deep. The first fourteen pages provide background information about the trend reports, what they cover, and how they work.

You may also appreciate their 2011 Trend Forecast, a 7-minute video about what they see coming in ’11.

Yes, I know this is a commercial for Trend Hunter… However, if your business is interested in innovation this might just be the tool you need! (I wouldn’t share this with you if I didn’t think you’d find it useful.)

For additional reading, check-out the Post2Post Virtual Book tour featuring Trend Hunter founder Jeremy Gutsche and his book Exploiting Chaos.

Wishing you staying ahead of in the new year!