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Cash Register

How does the Price of a Product Affect the Marketing Plan for the Product?

POINT: John Moore The price of a product doesn’t necessarily affect its marketing plan. Objectives still need to be set. Strategies must be identified. Tactics need to be developed. Constraints (budget & timing) must be listed. None of that changes with low-priced or high-priced products. What does change are the strategies and tactics needed, relative to how a product is …

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Cash Register

How Marketing Affects Pricing

POINT: Paul Williams In many organizations, we marketers don’t play a role in setting pricing. That is determined by the product, sales, or finance teams.

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Is Sampling (or Demonstrations) the Best Way to Drive Trial of a New Product?

POINT: John Moore “Give, and you shall receive.” It’s an old and overused proverb. And for good reason… it works. The more kindness we give others, the more kindness we receive. The more knowledge we share with others, the more knowledge we personally receive in return. The more generous we are, the more generously we profit.

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How Valuable are Loyalty Programs? What’s Needed to Make them Successful?

POINT: Paul Williams “It’s not about customers being loyal to you. It’s about you being loyal to customers. You earn loyalty by giving it.”

I love that quote from from “Managing the Customer Experience”

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How Can a Marketer Design and Implement a Great In-Store Marketing Program when Operations Demand a Clutter-Free Store?

POINT: Paul Williams The secret to clutter-free in-store programs is discipline. The discipline to say No. As a marketer at Starbucks we were responsible for building in-store programs. Our first step was to take a look at the inventory of products and programs and craft an engaging experience for customers.

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What Do Effective In-Store Marketing Campaigns Look Like?

POINT: John Moore Wow! That’s a meaty question. Let’s simplify this and focus on the importance of communicating to two audiences to make a retail marketing promotion successful. One of the biggest lessons I learned from my retail marketing days at Starbucks is that marketing has two audiences: Customers AND Employees.

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How Should a Retail Brand Best Use Social Media?

POINT: Paul Williams First, it is most important to remember that social media tools are tactics that support a word of mouth marketing strategy. So much excitement lately, how easily companies and customers can directly connect to each other, we forget that social media is a tactic, not an objective.

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What Role Do Promotions Play in Effective Marketing?

POINT: John Moore Absolutely everything. For marketing to be effective, that is making the cash register ring, a business must promote its products and services.

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Do Brands Need to Be Marketed Differently Depending on Its Life Stage?

POINT: Paul Williams As we were taught in our marketing and business classes, there are four basic stages of life for products, services, and companies. I love the graph below – redrawn from the book Universal Principles of Design by Rockport Publishers. For each stage in the cycle, the graph not only illustrates the traditional product sales curve, but also …

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Speaking Trumpet

Do all Marketing Activities need a Strong Call to Action?

POINT: Paul Williams Call now! Click now to sign-up! Subscribe today! Each of these is a call to action. We marketers put ’em everywhere. The call to action is the punctuation at the end of our advertising message sentence. Dear Customer, now that we have conveyed to you how great and valuable this product or service is… Here’s what to …

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