6 Reasons to Follow the “This One Time At Brand Camp” Book Tour

The Post2Post Virtual Book Tour featuring Tom Fishburne’s latest book, This One Time At Brand Camp: Marketing Cartoons by Tom Fishburne” begins on

Monday, August 25!

Here are your five reasons for following along…

    (1) Chris Wilson,
    (2) Jackie Huba & (3) Ben McConnell,
    (4) John Moore,
    (5) Dan Roam, and
    (6) Seth Godin

Each will be posting about Tom’s book!

Here’s the full schedule…

Site Date

Marketing Fresh Peel
by Chris Wilson
Mon, Aug. 25
Church of the Customer Blog
by Jackie Huba & Ben McConnell
Tue, Aug. 26
Brand Autopsy
by John Moore
Wed, Aug. 27
Digital Roam blog
by Dan Roam
Thur, Aug. 28
Seth’s Blog
by Seth Godin
Fri, Aug. 29

You can order Tom’s book from Lulu.com!