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7 Brand Building Principles: “What Great Brands Do”

We are excited to announce a great, new business-branding book available now by author Denise Lee Yohn and a virtual book tour to take you behind the scenes with some awesome bloggers!

What Great Brands Do:
The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest

by Denise Lee Yohn
Author Site | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | 800-CEO-Read

What Differentiates Great from Good?

What elevates a great brand from the good are their marketing activities. Denise says it best here…

Most traditional branding efforts create an image to serve as the “face” of a company-a look and tagline to promote a business, or a new advertising or social media campaign to reinvigorate it—but these activities simply serve to express a brand. Great brands execute their brands, elevating the brand from an external-facing message to a strategic tool for managing the business. They use their brand to shape their culture, focus their core operations, and design their customer experiences. This brand-as-business approach has proven to be far more effective than “branding.”

Here is the tour schedule… from post to post…

Tour Details

Site Date
Jackie Huba
Mon. Jan 27
Phil Gerbyshak
Tue. Jan 28
Idea Sandbox
Paul Williams
Wed. Jan 29
Brand Autopsy
John Moore
Thur. Jan 30
The Marketing Spot
Jay Ehret
Fri. Jan 31

Follow along next week, from site to site, and gain (directly from the author) insights tips, tricks, and techniques for your brand.

See you then!