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“All You Need Is A Good Idea” Virtual Blog Tour

Today is the second day of the Post2Post Virtual Book Tour featuring the new book by Jay Heyman – All You Need is a Good Idea!: How to Create Marketing Messages that Actually Get Results.

Jay’s book shows you step by step how to create powerful marketing and advertising ideas that dramatically increase sales without having to invent new products, increase sales forces, find new distribution channels, or spend a ton of money you don’t have.

All You Need Is A Good Idea!
by Jay Heyman

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Katie Konrath
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by Scott Hodge

The tour continues on Thursday at Peter Durand’s “The Center for Graphic Facilitation” and concludes on Friday at “The Essential Orange” by Karin Koonings.

Be sure to visit Jay’s “All You Need Is A Good Idea” Blog to hear more from Jay.


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