Audio Interview With Author, Marty Neumeier

Today’s stop on the virtual book tour featuring Marty Neumeier’s newest book The Designful Company is at Jeff De Cagna’s Principled Innovation site.

Jeff hosts a phone interview with Marty… a conversation you’ll enjoy.

In The Designful Company Marty offers an approach to solve our “wickedest problems” – those that offer a puzzle so persistent, pervasive, or slippery that it can seem insoluble.

2008 Survey of Wicked Problems

  1. Balancing long-term goals with short-term demands
  2. Predicting returns on innovative concepts
  3. Innovating at the increasing speed of change
  4. Winning the war for world-class talent
  5. Combining profitability with social responsibility
  6. Protecting margins in a commoditizing industry
  7. Multiplying success by collaborating across silos
  8. Finding unclaimed yet profitable market space
  9. Addressing the challenge of eco-sustainability
  10. Aligning strategy with customer experience

Survey sponsored by Neutron and Stanford University. See the Business Week article: “Neutron and Stanford’s Survey of Wicked Problems”.

The tour with Marty continues and concludes tomorrow at the InnoBlog with Renee Callahan.