Best Seller “Flash Foresight” Virtual Book Tour Continues…

Daniel Burrus has been offering insight into foresight this week sharing details about his new, best-selling book Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible.

In today’s interview at Martin Bishop’s site Brand Mix, Martin begins his article with…

“…We have now entered an era of transformational/disruptive change where more and more companies need to reconsider and reinvent how they operate their business or risk getting left behind.”

Flash Foresight is exactly about that… how to ‘reconsider and reinvent’ the way we operate our businesses…

Learn more as you follow along the tour…

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Bonus Bundle When You Buy The Book

When you buy the book (from any source) be sure to visit the “Buy Book” link on Daniel’s website. Then click on the “Bonus Resource Login” button…

It includes ebooks, interviews, videos, audio, and more. (You can see the full list on this page).

If you’ve already purchased… Here’s a shortcut… just click on the image below (swiped from Daniel’s site) and enter the receipt number from your purchase to claim your booty…