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Bonus Interview with Kathy Cramer, co-author of “Change the Way You See Yourself”

“When you change the way you see yourself,
you can change anything.” – Kathy Cramer

That’s a powerful thought…

Friday officially concluded the Post2Post Virtual Book Tour featuring the authors Kathy Cramer and Hank Wasiak talking about their newest best-selling book “Change the Way You See Yourself: Through Asset-Based Thinking.”

Here are the links to the discussions that took place last week:

I had some additional discussion with Kathy I wanted to share with you.

Paul: Kathy, what was the original inspiration for ABT? What got you writing about this in the first place?

Kathy CramerKathy: There are several answers to this question. let me begin with the fact that our work at the Cramer Institute draws on the fundamentals of Positive Psychology. For over 20 years, we have been pioneering positive psychology principles in or coaching consulting and training programs for corporations and educational and health care organizations. Our work draws upon the research and theoretical frameworks of Positive Psychologists such as David Cooperrider, Martin Seligman”, Barbara Frederickson, John Gottman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Daniel Goleman.

Although our clients showed tremendous gains in personal confidence, productivity, creativity and teamwork, until we developed the principles and practices of “Asset-Based Thinking” they could not sustain the positive results. We were surprised to find out that the simple distinction between an Asset-Based mindset, in contrast to a deficit-based mindset, helped people realize greater control over their focus of attention and therefore their thoughts, communication patterns and behavior.

We decided that a much broader audience could also benefit from learning about the process and benefits of Asset-Based Thinking. Running Press, our publisher, agreed with us. This gave birth to our first book in the ABT series, “Change The Way You See Everything.” We get emails everyday about how people have used the principles and practices of that book to upgrade their culture, performance management systems, their email practices–even staff meetings have been transformed by these creative readers.

Paul: Here’s an open-ended question for you… What question do you wish someone would ask you? What answers do you have begging to be communicated?

Kathy: Not only do I wish someone would ask this question, people do almost everyday. That question is, “Why did you devote a whole new ABT book to the subject of changing the way you see yourself?”

My answer is, very simply, when you change the way you see yourself, you can change anything. To amplify a bit, most people sorely underestimate their own personal power. Instead they believe in the power of their ideas, strategies or research – all of which are also important sources of power. However, if you don’t unleash the Full Monty version of yourself, your authentic power – the power that attracts people to your cause – is reduced to almost zero. Tapping into authentic sources of power makes it possible for the real person to show up and for your deepest sources of passion to shine through everything you think, say and do. These deep reservoirs of personal power make it possible to influence others and to have an impact far beyond the norm.

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