“Brand Gap” and “Zag!” Author Marty Neumeier’s New Book “The Designful Company” On Virtual Tour

Brilliant Marty Neumeier has a new book out, The Designful Company: How To Build A Culture Of Nonstop Innovation.

His premise? Success in the 21st century isn’t about “deciding” which best practice to implement at your company. You don’t choose solutions from the “solution shelf” as if you were buying a pair of pants. You can’t decide the way forward. You have to DESIGN the way forward.

The team of bloggers below have read the book and will be sharing their discussions with Marty next week as part of the Post2Post Virtual Book Tour.

You are invited to ask questions of Marty at these sites.

We launch at John Moore’s Brand Autopsy blog on Monday, April 20…

Site Date

Brand Autopsy
John Moore
Mon, April 20
The Marketing Fresh Peel
Chris Wilson
Tue, April 21
Idea Sandbox
Paul Williams
Wed, April 22
Principled Innovation
Jeff De Cagna
Thur, April 23
Renee Callahan
Fri, April 24

This book is for sale now, you can buy a copy now and follow along the tour and ask questions you may have… Or use to tour to help you decide that you need this book.