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“Creativity Today” Book Review

If there is a book about creativity, brainstorming, or creative problem solving… Idea Sandbox has probably read it. It’s not often that a book comes along that stands out among the rest.

“Creativity Today” is that sort of book. It is one of – if not the – best books written on how to be creative. Idea Sandbox highly recommends it.


“Creativity Today” is a great first book on ‘creativity and problem solving’ because the authors address the key challenges facing someone who feels they aren’t “creative enough” and offer simple steps to draw out personal creativity. They debunk the misconception that people are born creative (or not)… and then outline and describe the basic creative process. The book doesn’t talk down to the reader or dumb down the subject. After reading this book, you will have more confidence in your creative skills and will be armed with the tools needed to practice creativity.

Easy to Read and Use

The book breaks up and reinforces key points with case studies, relevant graphics, and exercises. They combine insights with training activities that reinforce what you just read.(But not in a dry textbook style).

Content Overview

  1. Understanding Creativity – addresses common misconceptions about creativity
  2. A Creative Mind – discusses how are minds work
  3. The Creative Process – introduction to the three key stages of the Creativity Today process
  4. The Starting Phase – getting started, problem identification stage
  5. The Diverging Phase – the idea generation stage – offers both logical and imaginative techniques.
  6. The Converging Phase – making choices and narrowing to the best solution.
  7. Creation Today – The closing section of the book offers case studies featuring real-world, actual examples of the creative process (outlined in the book) put to use.

Where to Buy It

This book is currently only available in North America through 1800CEORead. In Europe and the UK visit Amazon UK.


“Creativity Today”

Idea Sandbox Rating

Dog Ear Score: n/a
(this is one of those books where nearly every page would be dog-eared.)
Usability (5/5)
Coverage of Subject (5/5)
Contribution to Topic (4/5)*
Ease of Read (5/5)
Visually Pleasing (5/5)

*NOTES: Creativity Today doesn’t introduce a load of concepts new to the topic of creativity and problem solving… but that’s not a bad thing. (Some books re-brand traditional methods as their own new fangled method – that’s bad.)

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