I.O.U. A Conclusion

I was on an international flight a few weeks ago… I hadn’t paid attention to how much time was left for the flight, and we landed before I got to the end of my movie. Now, I need to rent it again to see the last 10 minutes. Small problem to have. But…

In a way, I have left you hanging… There was one more stop on last week’s Post2Post Virtual Book Tour featuring Erika Andersen’s book Being Strategic.

Rajesh Setty at the Life Beyond Code blog posted the final (excellent) interview with Erika as part the tour. Rajesh asks some great questions. Erika provides some great answers!

I hope you enjoy it.

And, oh… here’s the full tour for your blog reading reference.

Site Date

Brand Mix
Martin Bishop
Mon, July 27
Leader Business
Thomas H. Magness
Tue, July 28
Slacker Manager
Phil Gerbyshak
Wed, July 29
The Essential Orange
Karin Koonings
Thur, July 30
Life Beyond Code
Rajesh Setty
Fri, July 31