“Jack’s Notebook” by Gregg Fraley featured in Post2Post Virtual Book Tour

The site, Education Innovation, by Rob Jacobs will be the first stop for the July ’08 Post2Post Virtual Book Tour featuring Gregg Fraley’s book about creative problem solving titled “Jack’s Notebook.”

What makes “Jack’s Notebook” unlike any other book about creative problem solving, is that Gregg provides the tips and techniques in the form of a novel versus a traditional management-style workbook.

The plot revolves around Jack Huber… He’s trying to figure out what he wants to do in life. Through an engaging story he meets a mentor, Molly, who helps him work through the stages of creative problem solving… She helps him identify the challenge, frame his problem, generate ideas, create a solution, and take action. “Jack’s Notebook” entertains as it teaches.

Please visit Education Innovation on Monday, July 14 and then follow along as the discussion moves from site to site. You’ll get five impressions of the book along with insights, questions, and answers from Gregg the author. Sweet!

Here’s the full schedule for you…

Jack’s Notebook by Gregg Fraley
Author Site | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Site Date

Education Innovation
by Rob Jacobs
Mon, July 14
The Naked Idea
by John Lepp
Tue, July 15
Marketing Fresh Peel
by Chris Wilson
Wed, July 16
with Renee Hopkins Callahan
Thur, July 17
The Brand Chef
by Andrew Clark
Fri, July 18

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