“Jack’s Notebook” Virtual Book Tour Concludes at The Brand Chef

Today is the last stop for the virtual book tour featuring the business novel Jack’s Notebook, by Gregg Fraley. Andrew Clark provides his impression of the book and shares an engaging exchange he had with Gregg.

You can read the entire tour here!

  • Today: The Brand Chef by Andrew Clark
  • Thursday: InnoBlog by Renee Hopkins Callahan
  • Wednesday: Marketing Fresh Peel by Chris Wilson
  • Tuesday: The Naked Idea by John Lepp
  • Monday: Education Innovation by Rob Jacobs

  • Huge “Thank You” to Gregg for your participation and to the team of bloggers for their time, interviews, and for putting together interesting content.

    If you would like to participate as a blogger in future Post2Post Virtual Book Tours, visit our participation link and provide your details!