Less Isn’t More. Just Enough Is More.

You’ve heard the caution-phrase, “Less is more.”

It guides discretion, because we can overdo things. What it really means… “Do what you think is right, then cut back a little.”

Andy Nulman, in his book POW! Right Between The Eyes!, uses a quotation from the designer Milton Glaser to make an insightful point about marketing…

“Less isn’t more, just enough is more.”

Getting “just enough” is the challenge we confront with our marketing, products, services, companies, and our brands.

Think of your customers as the fastidious Goldilocks in her Three Bears story. Everything has to be “just right” or it is not right at all.

Not enough and you’ve underdone it and left your customers yawning.

Too much and you turn people off. You’ve overdone it.

Just enough is the “optimum sweet spot that delivers the unexpected but leaves ’em wanting more.”

If you’d like to learn more about Andy’s book POW! Right Between The Eyes!, follow his online book tour this week. Here’s the schedule.