Lessons For Adapting Quickly By “Exploiting Chaos”

Trend Hunter, Jeremy Gutsche spent time last week touring from blog to blog discussing his new book Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change.

Just a few topics covered include…

  • On Monday, Jeremy spoke with Chris Wilson at The Marketing Fresh Peel about the importance of keeping your marketing messages: simple, direct, and supercharged.
  • Tuesday, Jeremy shared with Karin at The Essential Orange the difference between a fad and a trend.
  • Jon at 800 CEO Read Blog shared an interview from Toronto-based CityTV’s Breakfast Television program.
  • Thursday, Jeremy gave his recipe for frog soup to Renee at Innoblog.
  • Finally, John at Brand Autopsy closed the tour on Friday with one of his patented slideshare presentations featuring “money quotes” from the book.

Here is the full tour for your surfing pleasure.

Site Date

The Marketing Fresh Peel
Chris Wilson
Mon. Oct 5
The Essential Orange
Karin Koonings
Tue. Oct 6
800 CEO Read
Todd Sattersten
Wed. Oct 7
Innosight | Innoblog
Renee Hopkins
Thur. Oct 8
Brand Autopsy
John Moore
Fri. Oct 9

Still not sure if you’re ready to buy the book? Get the first chapter of the book for free at the Exploiting Chaos website.