One Time At Band Camp On The Back Of A Napkin

When Jackie Huba* (from Church of the Customer) tipped me off that Tom Fishburne had a new book coming out filled with more of his clever marketing cartoons, I immediately thunk two thoughts…

(1) I gotta get Tom and This One Time At Brand Camp on the Post2Post Virtual Book Tour.

(2) And, how cool would it be to have Dan Roam, author of the best selling book The Back of the Napkin (all about using images to tell the story), review and talk about Tom’s book filled with images telling a story?!

Lucky for all of us they both agreed, and today not only does Dan provide a traditional interview with Tom… but also provides a ‘back of the napkin’ style review of the book. Brilliant.

You’ll enjoy the book tour post at Dan’s Back of the Napkin blog.

*Jackie also wrote the forward to This One Time At Brand Camp